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MedStar is a leader in providing event medical services, event management, and safety services for any event from small corporate gatherings or edurance sports to large sporting and concert events.


Our traffic services division has experienced emergency services personnel that provide traffic control, parking services, and funeral escorts including emergency vehicles equiped with specialty lighting and equipment.
Click picture of the division of MedStar Solutions you are in need of or have interest in.


Clinicial education is one of our specialties where we provide classes to the communits, corporations, EMS professionals, and public safety.  All of our other divisoins utilize these services to provide continuing education and emergency training.

MedStar Solutions...
Providing Event Medical Services, Traffic Safety, and Medical Training.
Solutions for ever changing challenges & situations

MedStar Solutions, LLC has a wide variety of services to match our team's experience and education.  We are able to tailor your needs to the many unique staffing capabilities, expanded scope, and resources available. We also have unlimited solutions to match your event, project, organization, training needs, or requirements. We look forward to the opportunity to review your needs and bring you the best creative solutions.

A little about us...
MedStar Solutions, your one-stop-shop for EMS events management, traffic or parking control and medical education or consulting.

MedStar was formed in 2008 by its founder as a consulting service for EMS agencies both private and municipal.  Today, MedStar is a leader in event medical services, event management and education.

Incorporating our three areas of expertise, we have broken them up into what we now refer to as our 3-Divisions of services. For more information on our various services and all that they entail you can visit each division by selecting the links above.  Take a look at them all to see what else we can offer you or integrated into your one-stop-solution 

MedStar Solutions provides everything from pre-event planning and safety checks to post-event reporting and analysis, working side by side with your event team. MedStar is a non-transporting, ALS level standby service with several partnerships with ambulance services across the country. 

Whether it be new hire training, new supervisor training, or continuing education, MedStar has a solution for your EMS agency.  MedStar has gathered a team of EMS experts from around the country to bring your agency the best variety of solutions possible.  MedStar is available for everything from general consulting all the way up to working on-site with your team in providing hands-on training to your staff.  MedStar prides itself on being able to take existing programs and improving upon them in a custom manner to match your needs.

MedStar management is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our service is YOUR SOLUTION!

Contact us to get more information on how we can help you with any of your needs.  Click on the link to go to our contact page and call, email, or send a quick request note.  We are eager to help.
Click below to find out upcoming opportunities near you!!  
We are always interested in having EMT's,  Paramedics, Drivers, Parking Guides and others  reach out to us!​
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We have a new and improved look.  We have recently gone through a number of refreshments to our website in order to keep it fresh, current, and easier to navigate.  If you like the changes or have ideas send us comments in our "contact" page.  We hope you check back often to see what is going on with MedStar Solutions and our growth and community involvement.


We are in the process of recreating our Facebook social media presence.  We hope to have it up and running in the near future and hope all of our clients, providers, friends and viewers take a look, "friend" and "like" us. 



The next 3-4 months will be very busy with events, covering activities all throughout Arizona. 

We have just closed recruitment and have brought on a new group of providers to help with our increasing volume of activities and locations.

We will also be working to grow our edcuation division and hope to be able to provide emergency training to new corporate clients. 

THANKS to our incredible clients and providers.

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Who we provide our services to...
In Action
Endurance Racing - Running, Cycling, Trail, Moto, Triathlon, etc...
Competitions - Endurance Sports, Tournaments,  Course, BMX, Off-road etc...
Youth & Pro Sports - Football, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball
Festivals - Music, Beer, Bike, etc...
Industry - Construction sites, Industrial complexes
Special Engagements - Private parties/Corporate retreats
Set Medics - Film/Video Productions
Traffic Services - Concerts, festivals, sporting venues, churches, funeral Homes
Education - General public, corporations, EMS, public safety, health/hospitals 
EMS Consulting/Education - Private ambulance, EMS, corporations, industry
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Integrity – To create and maintain an environment of sincerity, honesty and unwavering professional ethics.

Excellence – Providing uncompromising quality service through our accountability, efficiency, and commitment.

Teamwork – Building a strong team through communications and cooperation with our employees, community, and partners.

To bring the Medical, Event and EMS communities a premier service that is recognized for its commitment in providing outstanding solutions.
To create a positive team experience by fostering an environment that promotes community involvement, innovative technology, and exceptional customer service.
We are proud of our enhanced model that no other company in the area meets.  Our medical teams have an expanded scope of practice by our progressive medical director, our traffic team all have extensive experience and certified in emergency vehicle driving, and field experienced educators passionate to teach.
MedStar Solutions is proud to be an approved skill evaluation center for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.  

We strongly encourage all of our medical team to maintain NREMT certification and permit our EMT's to utilize many of the expanded scopes of NREMT certification.
MedStar Training Institute is proud to be an approved training center for the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI).  We are able to certify students in CPR, First Aid, Emergency Responder, and Wilderness Emergency Care courses.
Our management team and providers are all certified in Incident Command at various levels of competency. All of our medical providers have 911 experience and some are instructors in ICS training.  All trained under the FEMA/NIMS guidelines and Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
Although we offer a premium level of service we are also confident in our pricing options and offer a price match guarantee.  This offers our clients and students another solution to get an outstanding service at an affordable price.